Monthly Archives: July 2009

things to do before you die?

Recently i’ve been a bit down, and was thinking about the pressure we put on ourselves to do things, achieve things, go places and experience things, and while it’s good to have things we want to do, i started making a new list instead of 101 things to do before you die/ turn 30/ turn 40/ turn 50, 101 places to see before you die. I started makig a list of things i’m glad i’ve done in the last 18 months, some of them would have been on my list of things to do, and some wouldn’t but i’ve enjoyed. Also hopefully it’s making me take oppotunities to do different things here and now, rather than worry what i might be missing.
So here is the list of some of the things i’m glad i’ve done in the last 18 months (in no particular order.)
1) have a bbq on the shore of Loch Lomand
2) Wear pink eyeshaddow (or sparkly eyeliner)
3) spend the day at the beach with a 5 year old
4) go on a sleeper train
5) go to a day on new monasticism
6) see La Bottine Sorriante (
7) start a blog
8) attend third parties baptism
9) go to Stirling Castle
10) share a flat with Debs
11) spend Easter with the Iona Community on Iona
12) go to the science museam with 4 smallish children
13) spend time with my god-son
14) have a risk and pizza evening for my birthday
15) spend a weekend with random people from the internet working out what an expression of church might look like!
16) go to england, scoltand and wales in one day
17) go camping with my mate
18) go to the western isles
19) attend midnight mass at Christmas
20) playing singstar with my sister-in-law and her sister
21) go to Keswick with my god-daughter
22) attend a play at the citizens theater
23) live in Glasgow
24) have a water ballon fight
25) have a snowball fight
26) learn more about church history
27) discover i like olives
28) celerbrate international speak like a pirate day
29) go on two ship meets
30) be on the student council

there are lots more, but i think that will do, to remind me off all the stuff that i get to enjoy. Although i seem to not have learnt to do links dispite Tractor Girls best efforts!!