Y? X?

Having read this blog, and due to some extent to life I was reflecting on how the bible can be used. How it can be used to say look I can prove that x or y is right and what we should be doing or not doing. Instead of looking at the big picture we see within the bible. So often we don’t look at the big picture and see a God motivated by love, a God that is too big for us to understand, but a God who engages with people where they are. Instead we say look this verse say’s x, therefor we must do what it says, no matter who gets hurt, how crazy it is, we must follow it blindly and not use our brains. Then when people say hang on a minute that’s crazy, that’s hurting people, we make then feel guilty, we make them feel that they have to make a choice, accept that being hurt is part of the deal or walk away. Why can’t there be a discussion, a way to think like grown ups and not continue the hurt?

2 thoughts on “Y? X?

  1. Challenging thoughts… Tohugh I struggle enough to allow myself, let alone others, to view God as the One who engages with me where I am and Who is with me when it hurts; I’d rather be seen as perfect in His eyes. Tough.

  2. i get very wary of people/churches who use the Bible to hurt…by being self-righteous. because most any perspective/thought/group exclusion can be justified with a biblical verse. i look forward to that future discussion so that people won’t be hurt, or won’t use the Bible to hurt people. until then, i’ll just be very wary…
    thanks for this post.

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