Daily Archives: July 6, 2010

New Vision?

“If you dream it you can achieve it, and you can dream whatever you wish.” Wrote a friend to me on my 18th birthday. I have been pondering this the last few days. What is my dream? As you will have seen from my previous post what I had hoped for is not to be, so what next, how do I change some of my dream but still hold on to some of it? In the second part of Moving to Emmaus, (which I have now finished, I think it maybe something of a record for me!) It looked at how when the disciples had met the risen Christ there world was turned upside down, they didn’t get what they hoped for, they got a new vision, a new expanded vision, which totally changed their world in ways that they didn’t expect, in ways that wasn’t always easy but which were adventure. So while I’m still in the we had hoped stage, I need to remember that, that is fine, and that we sometimes need to go through the stage of mourning our dreams, when they die, but then we will move beyond that to a new dream, a new vision. This book has helped me to feel that I shouldn’t just jump straight to the new dream, but that it is ok to go through the “we had hoped” stage, and that I will get through it, and that I will have exciting, challenging adventures to look forward to.