Daily Archives: July 13, 2010

Growing up

Why can two people have the same situation and one see God at work in the difficulties, and the other see the difficulties and feel abandoned by God? How can the same person have both this reactions at different times? Why at one time can a song make us smile and another time move us to tears? Is it a failure to feel like we are abandoned at times or does that produce growth, like a child who when they are young needs someone with them all the time, but as they grow learn to do things for themselves, and it is only by being forced to do for ourselves that we grow in to adults. Is the same true of our faith, and the point when we feel most along is actually the point when we grow the most? When we are left to make choices that we make mistakes and learn from them, and we also sometimes make good choices, which show how far we have come. As children grow in to adults they need time to be independent to learn to manage without having our hand held all the time, yes it’s scary but necessary. Is the same true of our faith, we often are taught that we need to rely on God for everything, but what about using what we have learnt to not stay in the childhood stage forever? How do we negotiate that period of independence when we hopefully transition from needing parents with us, to wanting to spend time with them?