Reasons to be cheerful part 2

About a year ago I wrote this post. So I decided it was time for an update of things I’m glad I’ve done in the last year/ things I am grateful for. It’s just a random selection that came to mind in no particular order, and is as ever incomplete.

1) That I have a job (even if it isn’t secure at least I have one right now.)
2) That I spent Christmas with amazing friends
3) That I danced in the snow with Third Party to Dolly Parton 9 to 5
4) That I have passed my first OU module
5) That I completed NaNoWriMo
6) Wilderness camping on Jura giving the change for thinking and reflecting
7) Counting yellow things, and making imaginary worlds with my god-son (he’s 3 and ½)
8) Camping with my god-daughter
9) Friends going on holiday and leaving me the subscription to the paper while tour de France is on.
10) Amazing friends
11) A friends 6 year old who thinks that “life is better when Surfing is in it!”
12) Relatively good health (both physically and mentally)
13) Visiting Cardiff station
14) Finally making it to Malta
15) Solas 2010
16) Train journeys
17) My prayer triplet (we always eat when we meet!!)
18) Somewhere to live and a flat mate who I get on with
19) For this amazing blogging community
20) For my family (and the fact that I live a distance away that means I don’t have to see them to much, but when I do I appreciate them)
21) My love of reading and enjoying some great books this year
22) Living where I can attend Holy City easily
23) for discovering a range of new music

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  1. Wonderful to read; thanks for sharing. And a good reminder to be thankful for all I have too.

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