Daily Archives: July 21, 2010

Tour de France and Church

Some of you may have been following the Tour de France. I have been following it avidly this year, I’ve been a fan since I was about 10, but some years I follow it more than others. I am again amazed at what they go through to finish. The number who while they may (but only may) drop out of the tour over all, will finish the stage before going to the hospital with broken bones. The team work is also great to watch (and not just within a team but within a brake away or chase group who want the same ends although they are from different teams.) Many of the team are unsung heroes, who are never going to be in the paper but are vital. Would you want to be the team member who collects water bottles and distributes them among the team? They take it in turn to set the pace so that all will go faster but will share the work load. Often one of the team will “lead out” whoever the team want to win the stage, meaning that someone else can reach there full potential while they themselves won’t get the glory.
This has set me thinking about what we can learn from this. As some of you will know I am re-thinking what ‘church’ should look like for me. Maybe there are things we can learn from the tour de France. Maybe Church should be about working together so we can all “go faster”, or maybe we should see it as grow in our faith as we share our experience and insights. Sometimes like the person who collects the water, we need someone who is willing to sacrifice to provide us with what we need. We all need to learn to be the “lead out” person, that person who will put in the effort to help someone else reach there full potential without getting the glory, are we willing to do that for others? Do we know people who will do that for us? Also are we willing to keep going when we are injured, but also those who are injured can keep going because of there team. Within the Tour de France there are moments of glory, moments of very hard work, but mainly it’s just slogging away to make it through, with the help of those around them, I guess that sums up how i feel about life at the moment. It’s just a case of making sure that I have the right team mates to make it through the race, whatever may happen during that race.