As some of you will know I have been taking some time out from church. I had said to myself that I would make a decision by the 1st September about whether to go back. I think that I have already decided that I won’t be going back to the church I was at, but what do I do next? I had said I was going to spend sometime thinking about what I wanted from church. I know that no church will be “perfect” but I wanted time to decide what is important to me and what doesn’t matter. So far my thoughts are, I need somewhere that at least makes as attempt at engaging with all my senses. I also need somewhere I can grow through interaction, so not just sermons (that said I’m not sure on traditional evangelical church style home groups.) I also want to be somewhere that I can contribute and not just receive, although if this wasn’t the case it wouldn’t be too much of an issue, as I would just get involved in voluntary stuff elsewhere. A big part of it is about that word community, which means being in a church a while to find that out. Not sure I’m ready for trying again and being disappointed.
Last week I went to church as I was staying with a friend, and was reminded how much I miss the routine. Both the routine within the service, and the routine of going, and having time where you know that you are not the only one trying to connect with God. Is that enough of a reason for going back, or should I wait a while longer to sort some more stuff in my head?

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  1. I think it might be time to return, my friend. Not to where you were before (I know!!!) but to someplace/space where you can worship in community. I have no idea where you start looking for that, but I think you do need to start considering where!

  2. Hi there,
    You know where I am coming from! There are a number of things I would debate with you on your post however the bottom line is no matter where we stand on the Christian spectrum: you need fellowship. You need to be a part of a community… imperfect though it may be! I have been immersing myself in the book of Acts these past 12 months…it is all about community. Even for the apostle Paul, although I know some would disagree with me, it was all about community and teamwork. I totally agree with Susan…it’s time to return..even taking the risk of being hurt/ disillusioned/ misunderstood.
    Praying for you.
    God bless

  3. Sounds like time to go back to me.

    I’ve been struggling madly with church for a while now, and still am, but for me staying with the one church which is right enough, and occasionally going elsewhere for the stuff I don’t get at “my” church has been more helpful than not.

  4. What Japes said.

    When I left a church and gave myself a deadline to make a decision, I reached the deadline and hadn’t made up my mind. I had been attending a ‘stop gap’ church till then, and just stayed there a couple of months longer and then decided I didn’t want to stay there or go back. It was only then that I felt strong enough to start looking for “the” church, which luckily I found quite early on. I was so sad when I moved to Scotland that I couldn’t bring it with me!

  5. On reflection it may be time to go back aswell me thinks. I understand where you are but also know you well enough to know there is a “heritage” issue aswell. Your pain about it all was v. evident when we met recently.
    I think you have a very good set of contacts up there and should perhaps come up with a short list of ideas of places to try out. (Think that your old friends from Worthing would be worth consulting with aswell as virtual and real people up there – think you can get from that which “real” people I have referred to as “virtual” amongst others.
    In terms of community have you thought of becoming an associate of a new monastic group at all as a way of maintaining that with people who include those near to you whilst you are searching?
    In mist of it all though hugs and I am continuing to think of you.

  6. I find the routine a good help to myself personally… especially when I’m struggling to go.

    My prayers and warmest wishes as you decide.

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