Again amazed at actually wanting to go to church this morning, ok still a fight to brave the cold, but I did it!! Yet again I was struck by how calming I find the prayers at the church I am going to at the moment. Coming from a tradition where prayers seem more “off the cuff” I am really enjoying the thought thoroughness of them. Each week different things are prayed for in a way that gives dignity to all, and acknowledges that there are no easy answers. Prayer comes across not as a magic wand to fix everything, but as a way of giving dignity and respect to those in different and difficult situations. There is an acknowledgement that yes God can change situations, but more than that we are asking for the strength to cope in the situation. It is very refreshing, it gives hope, but without pinning God into the corner where we end up with the question, why didn’t God answer. I have definitely found the prayers to be a source of healing and comfort to me.
In other news I am trying to work out what to say to a friend to which I really want to say “you stupid girl, did you think this through at all? What are you playing at?” But where I will have to at least seem pleased, even though I can see that there is a lot wrong with the situation, will have to try and find some tack, not my best skill!!

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  1. A joy to read that the prayers at the church you are attending are calming and helpful for you.

    And prayers for the talk with and the words to say to your friend.

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