When I was little

Recently my sister-in-law scanned in some pictures of my brother and I when we were little. Here is two of them I think I’m about 2 in one of them and 6 in the other one. In both I have a smile on my face and look like I am about to attack life and cause mischief, where as my brother looks thoughtful. This pretty much sums up both our approach to life. My brother would never do anything rash without lots of thought, where as I tend to take life as it comes (and like Roger in Swallows and Amazons as long as life keeps coming I’m happy.) I often wonder how my brother and I ended up so different, it’s good to remember that we have always been so different and that is fine.

3 thoughts on “When I was little

  1. I used to shuttle my sister around the backyard in a wheelbarrow… And we are poles apart and that is fine as you wrote.

    Beautiful photos; thank you for sharing.

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