What is family? Is it about blood ties or is it about something else? Is it about caring about others, about somehow belonging, just because you do, not because you have to? About knowing that if you had a problem you could just call, or turn up, and they would be there for you? But maybe it’s also about the bigger picture, about how our lives interweave, how we’re part of the bigger picture in their lives. This week I had a birthday, I received 3 cards addressed to Auntie, even though I don’t have biological nieces or nephews. I also received 3 cards from friend’s parents. It’s nice to feel you belong in lots of places, just because……not because you have to.

3 thoughts on “Family?

  1. (Belated) Happy Birthday! And what a blessing in the friends and friends’ parents you have; nice indeed to feel like one belongs.

  2. I agree. Why does society block people out of the ‘family’ unit just because they don’t have a recognised title or blood tie. Family to me are people that have stood by you through thick and thin. People that you can be ‘you’ with and people that want to be involved in your (and your families) life. Aunty Surfing is a very valued member of our family. xxx

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