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Is it an adventure if you know where you are going? Does the unfamiliar need to be there, or can just the not often seen make you see things with different eyes? Tomorrow I head South for a few weeks, I’m viewing it as an adventure, though I’m hoping there will be no big surprises just time to catch up with friends I don’t often see, and also for me the treat of train journeys. I love train journeys, they are a place where you can read, day dream, watch the world go by, without feeling that you should be doing something else. Also I know that I will get to see different stations, which I always love. There is something about railways stations that help me to chill out. It feels like there is a world of possibilities in time and space, the place for beginnings, a place to dream.
In other news I’m away for just over 3 weeks, and will only have about 10 days after that before I have to move, to an as yet unknown location (it’ll be within the same city, but that is about it so far!)

The Bible clearly says…..

When I hear somebody saying “the Bible clearly says”, what I hear is somebody using the Bible to back up their own thinking, and in the process using it to hurt others. Often they don’t mean to hurt others, they have good motivations, and they want to serve God the best they can. But what they are actually often doing is causing overs unnecessary hurt, but also depriving us all of the richness of the Bible. As soon as we are sure that seeing things in black and white is the right thing to do, it means that we don’t look at it in other ways and notice new things, see things that we haven’t seen before, that help to expand our view of God. By being so sure we hurt ourselves as we don’t allow God to show us more of who he is, of seeing a little bit more of God who is beyond our understanding, and also hurt others through imposing a view on them which can have serious consequences on their lives. I can look back at history and see how the church has used the Bible to for example back up slavery and apartheid. We now look back and say how can that be? What will the church in 200 years look back on about us and say, how could they think like that?


As long as I have done the electronic wizardry right, then I have submitted all the essays, and it is now my summer holidays. I’m shattered, but have been flat hunting today……which is a challenge on a bike did over 10 miles in order to see different options. Thank you all for you lovely words, thought and prayers from my last post.


I know that there are certain people who read this who pray, so while I don’t usually I thought I would ask those people to pray for me at the moment. As most people know I am studying at the moment. On the 15th June I have to hand in several pieces of work, totaling just on 10000 words. I’m on target, which is good but am struggling. I have either picked up a bug, or the hayfever is playing up, could be either. Also my eczema is playing up, which is usually either hayfever or stress related. I know it will all be fine, and I’m really looking forward to the summer once it’s done, but right now it’s tough.