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I’m staying with friends at the moment who have small children. There three year old daughter has got new lego which has both pink and purple bricks. I commented about this and another friend, moaned about the world being obsessed with making little girls into “pink princesses”. While I share this complaint, why is there so much obsession at the moment with pink and blue. being for girls and boys. The way I see it, having pink lego bricks, is saying you can be “girly” in a non traditional girl area. Maybe it helps us to remember that we don’t have to conform to the stero-types, we can twist them on there head, in this case by being girly but not being girly. Maybe in life we need to remember to subvert the status quo and say no we don’t have to conform to the boxes that others want us to be in, we can embrace stero-types when they are true of us, but go our own way at other times.

4 thoughts on “Pink Lego

  1. Completely agre with your last comment and not sure youll disagree with this but: I find it coloured lego very uncomfortable: in lots of shops (though little local toy shops less so), toys are displayed on gender lines. What message are we sending that the ‘traditional’ Lego boxes are in the boys section, but the girls section has the pink stuff? You say that you can be girly in a non traditional girl area, but all the girls I know had Lego as children and it was exactly the same ranges as our brothers and male friends had…

    On the other hand, now that the Ferijenlet has arrived, my husband and I have a bigger dilemma than merging our CD collections: shall we merge our lego collections?

  2. As I wasn’t involved in the shopping for the lego, but get very grumpy with it being displayed as girls or boys toys (personally think it should come in a construction section.)

  3. Ok if the pink lego comes with all the other stuff to make cars and forts etc. I suspect it comes with stuff to make prams and fairy castles.

  4. nothing wrong with fairy castles… you can use the soilders from the Robin Hood series and storm them!! 😉

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