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Cycling, still full of drugs?

Thought I would put in my two penneth about the latest on the Lance Armstrong developments. For those who don’t know he is a cyclist who there has been on going allegations of drug use. I love watching the cycling, I found on youtube (ignore the first minute or so,) what I think may have been the first cycling I watched. I really wish there was more cycling on TV, though with twitter etc there are more ways to know what is happening but it’s not the same as watching it.
I however when through a phase of not following the cycling so much because of all the drug allegations that were going on, it tainted it when you were all most expecting there to be drug problems. In reason years for various reasons cycling appears to have cleared up its image. I think this is partly due to better testing, and partly down to the riders themselves who are fed up of the bad reputation of the sport. There are still lots of debates going on about is it now a clean sport, I like to think that while it is not perfect it is doing a lot better than it was. It would appear that the balance has been tipped back to it’s better to be a clean rider. Also I think as far as British riders are concerned, that there is now a better support system on a national level, which there wasn’t previously which makes it easier to resist the pressure of drugs. Here is an interesting article about David Millar (British cyclist famous for drug taking, but now very anti drugs,) which perhaps shows why drug taking was so rife, and how it is now changing.

August Food

At the beginning of the year I set a new resolution to try and cook a new dish every month. I’ve tried varies new things, and even sometimes remembered to blog! Here is today’s effort Vegetable Tangine. It was tasty, and easy to make, (though did need lots of different spices.)


“They found, like many explorers before them, that somehow, in their absence, they had got into trouble at home.” This quote set me thinking, it’s not even vaguely about the church but feels like it could be. Often those who are brave enough to go into the unknown, to explore and experience new things, and not to just stay where they are comfortable, get to experience new, exciting and potentially scary thinks about their faith, but if they return to share their experiences, they often find, that even before they start to share what they have experienced, that others aren’t listening because they are already in trouble for exploring.