Monthly Archives: September 2012

The end of summer.

I’ve had one last adventure, before getting back to studying hard. As some of you know, I enjoy watching the cycling. I hadn’t been planning to go and watch Tour of Britain, as it wasn’t near me at any point. However Monday night one of my friends text me to say Team Sky were going to be in her local pub on Tuesday night, and she was going to see the race on the Wednesday. Unable to resist, yesterday I jumped on the train, to hers. It was a moment of madness as it was nearly 200 miles each way. I was glad I went, it was fun spending time with my friend, and the atmosphere both at the pub and the race was great. I would upload a couple of photos but it is refusing to play, and there is a full flickr set here.


I’ve been doing well at cooking new main meals, as part of my new years resolutions, but not so well at the “treat” things. Today however I made toffee apple ice-cream. It’s a slimming world recipe so in the great scheme not to bad for you, and tasty. It was easy to make, but was a wee bit of a faff, having to be around to stir it every hour, all day. My flatmate really liked it, so I dare say I will be making it again.


This summer I have been here there and everywhere, and have seen more of my family than usual. When I was down South I spent some time with my Grandma, who is 91 and still lives at home, but with Mum doing a lot for her, sometimes to much I think. She really enjoyed the fact I’d let her do what she liked, including a trip to M&S to have a wander around, and eat cake.

I’ve now spent some time with my parents on holiday in the North of Scotland. It’s lovely to see them, but for different reasons they both drive me up the wall. I was also reminded that they are getting older which worries me about the future. Mum (who’s 65), is determined that she is old and everything is a problem. I dread to think about the future with her, as there is to a certain extent in my family and expectation that daughters will look after there parents when they get old. Dad (who’s 70) on the other hand, I was aware was getting older, as he is getting slightly slower and has more aches and pains, which he is refusing to tell Mum about, and only told me about because I was trying to walk to fast. I was aware of how far away from they live, and also how personality clashes, would make it difficult for me to be of any use anyway. It’s more a nag at the back of my brain, and hopefully it won’t be come a real issue for a few years yet.