LGBT history

TractorGirl has been blogging about LGBT history month recently, and this in combination with a conversation I held with a friend recently set me thinking. Often people want to know about their family history, who did what, where and when, who was married to whom, what children did they have. As until relatively recently it was illegal to be in certain homosexual relationships, and those that were legal were very defiantly frowned on, when we look to the past, they are not there. There is maybe a hint, but often not even that. They are not remembered, they may be an important part of the family history but they are painted over, they disappear. They can’t be celebrated, learnt about, because they have disappeared into a black hole. Maybe just maybe it is as important that relationships are recognised now, for those who will come after us, and maybe we should pause and remember that there are the unknown who will not be remembered for who they were.

One thought on “LGBT history

  1. Totally agree, and that last point about the unknown was something that came out in some of the talks on Turing. We know what he went through but many other nameless people will never be known we need to remember those whose stories will never be heard (and who will never get the type of apologies Turings family have). As for the other part of that last sentance, it’s interesting and has got me thinking. Thanks.

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