Yours and Mine and then the Truth.

It’s worrying when my thoughts are prompted by a Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow song, but there you go. I was listening to the song Shame, and it starts with the line “Well there’s three versions of this story, yours and mine and then the truth.” I think this maybe sums up how I view what we do with the bible. When I read something, there will be how I understand, and how somebody else sees it. We will both (hopefully) see part of the truth, but actually the truth is a separate thing, that we will glimpse more of as we understand others point of view, but doesn’t mean that we will get the whole truth. This helps me to be more accepting of others view points, but also to see the flaws in my own, and at the end of the day accept that the way God views it, is beyond my understanding. Accepting that makes me a more understanding person, a person who wants to explore and learn more, and not be too rigid in my thinking.

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