Random thoughts on cycling news.

I was going to blog on my thoughts following all the news about Lance Armstrong, and that may happen, but we shall see. As most know he has finally admitted to doping during amongest other things his Tour de France victories. While I’ve not managed to see the first part of the interview, and the second part isn’t till tonight, I’ve read/ heard about it. It appears to have the feel that he is sorry that he got caught, but what he did was just what everyone else was doing. Over Christmas I read David Miller’s book (for those who don’t know he is a British cyclist, who was banned for using banned drugs, but has since done much to help the anti-doping stance.) He in his book also comes across as at the time, this was just what was expected, and everybody was doing. He however comes across as regretting he did it, not because he was caught, or even the people who he hurt because of it (though that does come across in some of it), but he comes across as regretting that by doing drugs, he was not true to who he was as a person. This set me thinking. Often when we bow to pressure from others, our biggest regret is not being true to who we are.