Project 365 (Day 56)

Another library book photo for today. I’ve been reading this, but took it back today, I may get it out and finish it at some point. As some of you know I enjoy watching the cycling, but am not fanatical. I was therefore looking forward to reading Bradley Wiggins new book. I have to say I was disappointed. It did get better as I persisted, but especially to begin with was very technical, talking about things like what cadence different training was done at. As he has had a previous book, it only talked about what has happened in the last couple of years. I felt that it was not designed for anyone other that “superfans.” I’m sure that lots of people will have started watching the cycling over the last year, and won’t understand lots of the history of the sport, or the tactics, and there is an assumption in this book that you do. I’ve read nearly all of it, and am glad I did, but won’t be recommending it to anyone unless they are very keen on competitive cycling.
Over Christmas I had however read David Millars book, Racing through the dark, and I would highly recommend it. He became famous for all the wrong reason. This book however gives an insight in to how drugs were viewed within cycling, and what it is now doing to address the problem. It is written so that you need little understanding to begin with, but is still interesting even if you do have some knowledge already. It also addresses how you define what is important to yourself, and how to keep your integrity, or if you lose it how to gain it back. Well worth a read even if you are not a cycling fan.