Project 365 (Day 90) (and random thinking)

I’ve been doing some thinking over the past week, about God and how I view him. I’ve been challenged to think about if I am right about the way I view God, and if not why not. This has been challenging to me, as I’m not sure there is a “right” way to see God. (There are certain fundamentals, which I’m not up for debating, the Nicene Creed is a good reference point for what these things are.) The way that I see it, God is in the centre, and as Christians we are all standing looking at him from slightly different points. Therefore while we are looking at the same God we will see things slightly different, and by sharing we will see more of how amazing, and beyond our understanding God is.
Somebody challenged me about seeing God in black and white this week, which has set me thinking. (I’m sorry if the way I thought about it offends anyone, but if you are here it probably won’t!) When I was a child I used to watch a children’s T.V program called Bagpuss. I loved Bagpuss, and in my brain he was a ginger tom cat, because I only ever watched him in black and white. When as a teenager I first saw him in colour I was freaked out when he turned out to be pink and cream, I won’t to go back to the way I thought he should be, to see him how I was comfortable, and how made sense to what I knew (cats aren’t pink!) Over time I’ve got use to him in colour, and enjoy him that way. It’s a little like my relationship with God, when I was little I saw God in black and white, and when I first started to see him in colour I was scared and confused, wanting to return to where I felt comfortable. As I have got used to seeing God in colour, I have begun to appreciate how much more glorious and amazing he is. I know that he is constantly moving (not changing, just moving so that I see different and new things.) I just struggle with how this means I relate to those who are seeing in black and white.
My friend sent me these beautiful flowers yesterday, so thought they could make it be picture of the day today!

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