Daily Archives: April 1, 2013

Project 365 (Day 91)

Yesterday morning I was happily sitting on my bed on my computer, when I heard my flatmates alarm going off, and knew that she was already in the shower. As it was getting louder I legged it for her room, catching my foot on a chair, and screaming. Got to her room and turned off the alarm. Checked my foot, and thought it was fine as there was no blood. My flatmate tehn came out the shower to check I was alright, she had tried to shout, but has no voice at the moment! By this time I was feeling fine. I then went off to church, helped with teas and coffees etc. I was aware that I was walking so as to use the side of my foot, but it didn’t feel too bad! By about 4pm it was feeling worse, so I actually took the shoes off and looked, and got my flatmate (she’s a doctor) to check it out. She took one look at it and could tell it was broken, she also said she can feel the fracture! I am now hobbling round and also essay writing, really not impressed! So thought I would make my toe photo of the day today.