Daily Archives: April 9, 2013

Project 365 (Day 99)

Today I thought I would have my own very personal take on Margaret Thatcher. I grew up in the South-East, in the 1980’s, in a very Conservative area, where the council were always keen to do what ever Thatcher wanted, and generally to prove how wonderful her policies were. As a child I accepted this was the case, where I grew up Thatcher standing up to the miners was seen as a good thing, I didn’t really understand enough to see how it affected people.
You might be wondering why I’ve chosen a picture of a teddy today when talking about Thatcher. Let me explain, he is called Thor (named after the Norse god of thunder). I can say his name, but only when I really think about it. As a small child I had difficulty saying certain sounds including th sounds. I was due to have speech therapy, but due to cuts imposed by the Conservatives I never did. Mostly you can’t tell, but I’m still aware of words that I can’t say, including that of my teddy!