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Project 365 (Day 124) and other randomness

I’ve been doing some thinking again in the last few days, about how I view the bible. I’m sure I have blogged about this before, but once again I’m reminded how much I value people who take trying to understand it seriously. For me, it’s not about coming to the “right” or even the same conclusions, it’s about how we view it that matters. If you have thought and prayed about it that is the important thing to me. Thinking about who it was written for and when it is written, helps to give us a glimpse into the meanings of different parts of the bible. How we treat the bible, says a lot about how we view God. If we take trying to understanding the bible seriously, we take God seriously. We will never understand him, but we can begin to glimpse a little of him. Within the bible we see so many different facets to God. Seeing others come to different conclusions but taking getting their seriously reminds me off the variety of Christians, and makes me look forward to heaven, where we will get to enjoy the variety that comes from these different views but without the mis-understandings that we have now. In the mean time, I will enjoy being reminded of the mystery that is God, and the diversity of his people.
Today has mainly been a day of study, but I also made a cheesecake ready for lunch tomorrow. This was a stressful experience, as it was the first time that I have used gelatine leaves. We shall find out tomorrow how it tastes!

Project 365 (Day 120)

Today I went for a bike ride, and now my legs ache. Not sure how I am going to manage the long bike ride I have planned for a couple of weeks time! Today I went to the other end of Tenstmuir, where I went on Sunday. I could see the river for most of the ride. There was something being towed up the river (you can just see it in the background,) no idea what it is though!