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Project 365 (Day 117)

This morning I went out for a ride, I managed 10 miles, which is the furthest I’ve been since breaking my toe. I need to try and go a little further, but time is also a factor at the moment. It was cold out but at least there was blue sky. at some points it was also quite windy, the worse of the wind was when I was on the bridge, but the downhill part, (the bridge is 2 miles and has a very gentle slope) so didn’t make it too difficult to cycle. The photo is of “the ship” as it is known locally. I blogged a few weeks ago that we had visited it.

Project 365 (Day 113)

Today I’ve had a day out visiting friends. I started with a second breakfast with a friend who will shortly be leaving the country. We went to the Willow Tea Rooms, which is a celebration of all things Mackintosh. I then went to visit a friend and among other things took her boys to the park. Shortly after this photo was taken, one of the ducks got to play on these skateboard type things! My friend and I then headed back into the city center for a meal and a proper adult catch up, without being interrupted to play snap, have our “blood pressure” taken, or any of the other things that happen when two small boys are around.

Project 365 (Day 112)

This evening I went for a ride, it was very windy, but a picked a route that meant I cycled in to the wind first! This photo I took from a bird hide I found on the local nature reserve. I didn’t really see any birds, but the view was pretty. On the way back I saw a lovely rainbow. It’s always good to get out and about.

Project 365 (Day 111)

Today my flatmate and I had a friend round who is looking after enough friends children for a few days. We had an amazing roast dinner, before a trip to the park. We had great fun, especially on the see-saw, where we managed to get 3 adults and 2 children on to the see-saw at once, great fun was had by all.