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Project 365 (Day 113)

Today I’ve had a day out visiting friends. I started with a second breakfast with a friend who will shortly be leaving the country. We went to the Willow Tea Rooms, which is a celebration of all things Mackintosh. I then went to visit a friend and among other things took her boys to the park. Shortly after this photo was taken, one of the ducks got to play on these skateboard type things! My friend and I then headed back into the city center for a meal and a proper adult catch up, without being interrupted to play snap, have our “blood pressure” taken, or any of the other things that happen when two small boys are around.

Project 365 (Day 111)

Today my flatmate and I had a friend round who is looking after enough friends children for a few days. We had an amazing roast dinner, before a trip to the park. We had great fun, especially on the see-saw, where we managed to get 3 adults and 2 children on to the see-saw at once, great fun was had by all.

Project 365 (Day 93)

Today both my flatmate and I are still fairly fed up with being unwell. We had a friends children over, it really brightened up the afternoon. Here is a photo of them making cookies. We also watched a film, and I remember how much children just laugh at what they see as funny and don’t care what others think. We could all learn from not feeling we have to act in a certain way.

Project 365 (Day 53 and 54)

I’ve been away for a couple of days, and couldn’t face arguing with trying to blog from a mobile when I was tired yesterday. This photo is of my friend, who I met up for a quick catch up. She is moving away soon, so I am not going to be able to see her for a while.
This photo is of me dressed up as sleeping beauty before going out for my friends hen do. We went to the kids showing at the cinema this morning, and then back to my friends flat for a kids party. It was good fun.