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“They found, like many explorers before them, that somehow, in their absence, they had got into trouble at home.” This quote set me thinking, it’s not even vaguely about the church but feels like it could be. Often those who are brave enough to go into the unknown, to explore and experience new things, and not to just stay where they are comfortable, get to experience new, exciting and potentially scary thinks about their faith, but if they return to share their experiences, they often find, that even before they start to share what they have experienced, that others aren’t listening because they are already in trouble for exploring.

Tour de France :-)

As some of you will know I am a Tour de France fan, so I have been loving the last few weeks, even if I did become slightly obsessive about it! I have previously blogged about the team work needed for an individual to win. This again has been apparent this year, Bradley Wiggins may have won over all but really it is a victory for the whole team (which has come out in the different interviews with him.) Often the early part of each day one of my favourite cyclists Edvald Boasson Hagen has been setting the pace, often for the part of the race that doesn’t get T.V coverage. (He’s not the only one he just happens to be my favourite.) Again I was amazed by what they put themselves through in order to just make it to the end, let alone win. The dedication and insanity shown by the different riders often inspires me to keep going when I feel that I have lost motivation/ reached the end of my abilities.
Sorry this post has been a little rambling, but I guess I am celebrating the achievements of the Tour de France this week, enjoying the first British victory and being inspired!