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I love railway stations!

Flatmates and other things to celebrate.

For the last few years in about the middle of July I have done a round up of things from the previous year that I am glad I have done/ experienced. (Here is last years). It started as a sort of bucket list in reverse, instead of things I want to do but hadn’t yet done, a sort of way to celebrate those random things I had done. This year I have been putting off writing my list, partly due to the lack of internet, but partly as I wasn’t sure what to write on it. As some of you will know I moved just under a year ago to do some more study. I’ve not really settled where I now live, and don’t really like the academic side of the course, but the placements have reminded me that I am doing the right thing. Anyway here goes a maybe shorter list than some years.
1) Watching 16 year old (who is autistic) in his school play, I first met him when he was 10 days old.
2) Finally making it to St Andrews
3) Ship meet
4) Going over the Forth Rail Bridge
5) last year and this years Tour de France, and this year having the time to watch lots of the live coverage.
6) some amazing friends
7) passed the first year of my course
8) Christmas day, which was for once chilled out, and my Grandma and I wanted to do the same thing, (Knit and watch Holiday Inn
9) Re-discovering my love of cycling

Without doubt however the best thing about this year has been my flatmates. I have shared with two other girls and we have got on really well although we didn’t know each other in advance. I am very sad that one of them has today moved away (because of work), but am pleased that the other one and I have moved to a new flat this week.


Is it an adventure if you know where you are going? Does the unfamiliar need to be there, or can just the not often seen make you see things with different eyes? Tomorrow I head South for a few weeks, I’m viewing it as an adventure, though I’m hoping there will be no big surprises just time to catch up with friends I don’t often see, and also for me the treat of train journeys. I love train journeys, they are a place where you can read, day dream, watch the world go by, without feeling that you should be doing something else. Also I know that I will get to see different stations, which I always love. There is something about railways stations that help me to chill out. It feels like there is a world of possibilities in time and space, the place for beginnings, a place to dream.
In other news I’m away for just over 3 weeks, and will only have about 10 days after that before I have to move, to an as yet unknown location (it’ll be within the same city, but that is about it so far!)

Reasons to be cheerful part 2

About a year ago I wrote this post. So I decided it was time for an update of things I’m glad I’ve done in the last year/ things I am grateful for. It’s just a random selection that came to mind in no particular order, and is as ever incomplete.

1) That I have a job (even if it isn’t secure at least I have one right now.)
2) That I spent Christmas with amazing friends
3) That I danced in the snow with Third Party to Dolly Parton 9 to 5
4) That I have passed my first OU module
5) That I completed NaNoWriMo
6) Wilderness camping on Jura giving the change for thinking and reflecting
7) Counting yellow things, and making imaginary worlds with my god-son (he’s 3 and ½)
8) Camping with my god-daughter
9) Friends going on holiday and leaving me the subscription to the paper while tour de France is on.
10) Amazing friends
11) A friends 6 year old who thinks that “life is better when Surfing is in it!”
12) Relatively good health (both physically and mentally)
13) Visiting Cardiff station
14) Finally making it to Malta
15) Solas 2010
16) Train journeys
17) My prayer triplet (we always eat when we meet!!)
18) Somewhere to live and a flat mate who I get on with
19) For this amazing blogging community
20) For my family (and the fact that I live a distance away that means I don’t have to see them to much, but when I do I appreciate them)
21) My love of reading and enjoying some great books this year
22) Living where I can attend Holy City easily
23) for discovering a range of new music

Ramblings on the train.

No matter how I try to fight I have to admit that I love railway station architecture. Now I realise this is a random thing to love, but I do. I love the differences among the similarities. Today I got excited on seeing some cast iron thistles on the top of some railings at a Station north of the border. I therefore always love to go to new stations as you never quiet know what to expect will it be like Euston all new with low ceilings and not much character, will it be like Victoria which I like to think of a station with twin personalities. This is due to it originally being two different stations for two different rail companies, one very grand and impressive with very high ceilings, the other being in my opinion more homily, but both still with fascinating architecture. I wonder how many people even notice that the cast iron roof struts are of different designs in both parts of the station. Outside of the big cities I also think that the railways station tells you how grand a town thought it should be (not how grand it was) when the station was built.

Having said all this you can imagine I was excited at the idea of seeing a new station, because today on my rail journey I had to go to London bridge

. I have to say I was mildly disappointed, Once on the platform you could see the beautiful but plain roof, (I’m guessing because it is one of the older stations,) it wasn’t grand like some of them, also seeing it in the dark didn’t help. It was also obvious that it had been two stations, the brick wall in the middle sort of gave it away. The entrance however was a disappointment, not a proper new or a proper old station just a mish mash of whatever they could find it felt like. Over all it didn’t create a good impression!

I would have put this link in the post but couldn’t work out how to! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_Bridge_station