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Project 365 (Day 103)

I have obviously been left unattended by myself in the flat too much recently! Today a friend posted a picture on facebook of her daughter and a toddler book saying “Do you like a duck on your head?” I therefore posted this picture with the caption “I don’t think I do like a duck on my head……it’s very difficult to balance!”

Project 365 (Day 55)

Today has mainly been a day of study, and watching rugby. I do feel like there is not a lot in my world other than study at the moment. I did make it to church this evening, where my friend asked me to pick up the giant skittles. Not sure why, but they are now sitting in the kitchen waiting for her to pick up in the morning.

Project 364 (Day 19)

I’ve been in a prayer triplet for 6 years now. About 3 years ago we started always eating together when we met up, (taking it in turns one does main course, one pudding and one sorting drinks.) Even though I have moved a couple of hours away we still meet up every couple of months. Today’s photo is of them making custard.


Is it an adventure if you know where you are going? Does the unfamiliar need to be there, or can just the not often seen make you see things with different eyes? Tomorrow I head South for a few weeks, I’m viewing it as an adventure, though I’m hoping there will be no big surprises just time to catch up with friends I don’t often see, and also for me the treat of train journeys. I love train journeys, they are a place where you can read, day dream, watch the world go by, without feeling that you should be doing something else. Also I know that I will get to see different stations, which I always love. There is something about railways stations that help me to chill out. It feels like there is a world of possibilities in time and space, the place for beginnings, a place to dream.
In other news I’m away for just over 3 weeks, and will only have about 10 days after that before I have to move, to an as yet unknown location (it’ll be within the same city, but that is about it so far!)

Monty Python

Reading Unfinished Symphony’s blog, reminded me of a conversation that happened a few weeks ago in my flat. I was watching t.v with one of my flatmates. We were watching Michael Palin’s New Europe. In the episode that we were watching he was in Romania and got the train with a group of lumberjacks and commented to the camera “no singing now” or words to that effect. I had a little giggle, to which my flatmate asked me what was funny? I made some commented about the lumberjack song and received a puzzled look. I then had to explain that in Monty Python he had been the lumberjack in the Lumberjack song. To which my flatmate responded “he was in Monty Python?” My second flatmate walked into the room, and my flatmate asked her “did you know Michael Palin was in Monty Python.” To which she responded “I thought he was a travel bloke.” It’s at moments like this I shake my head in despair and realise how much younger than me they are.